About Us

The quest for your business success is online.

Fellow Hill, LLC is a Public Relations firm for the digital age.

In short, we specialize in helping you achieve your business goals by way of long-term businesses relationships to that employ exhaustive analytics along side technology consulting and implementation.


The Mission

Fellow Hill’s mission is help businesses identify, utilize, and benefit from the most up to date technologies and innovations. We believe that technology and services should be attainable and affordable. As such, Fellow Hill offers payment plans to fit any monthly budget.

With headquarters in the United States and a diverse multinational and multilingual team, Fellow Hill’s vision and reach is global.


The Beginnings

The idea of Fellow Hill began in 2004 in Boston, Massachusetts. It was initially centered around the idea of helping businesses utilize cutting-edge services in technology, specifically in robotics, systems forensics and security.

After years of research, Fellow Hill, LLC was officially formed in 2017, in Houston, Texas.


The Clients & Services

Both the data and our personal experiences have shown us that every type of dedicated business can benefit from a strong, long-term relationship with technology.

Fellow Hill provides world-class strategic consulting, high-quality solutions, and exhaustive analytics, all with accessible plans for every single need. If you’re a a new brand, startup idea, established or new restaurant, barber shop, franchise, independent consultant or agency, or an extensive corporation or institution.

We specialize in long-term business relationships across the globe to help you achieve your goals. If you’re looking to simply enter a new market, boost your brand locally, or extend to a global reach, Fellow Hill works in complete alliance with our clients in order to develop the most accurate strategy for succeeding in the Information, Digital, and Machine Age.

Have a request or specific question? Contact us any time.fic question? Contact us any time.